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How do you schedule nurse observer independent medical examination attendance services?

All I need is for you to send me an email with the following:

  • Date and time of appointment
  • Name of retaining attorney
  • Name of client
  • Name of doctor
  • Address of retaining attorney
  • Address of doctor's office

Please be looking for a confirming email from me back to you—IF YOU DON’T GET THIS CONFIRMING EMAIL BACK FROM ME, THEN THIS MEANS I DIDN’T GET YOUR EMAIL TO ME.

Send this RN observer to enforce your plaintiff’s defense medical exam Response to Demand stipulations

When you send this RN observer to your plaintiff’s Defense Medical Exam you know that your client is in good hands.  I stop all unauthorized DME questions, follow your instructions to prohibit any x-rays during the doctor’s office visit and prevent any attempts to have the client complete patient questionnaires etcetera.  The Code of Civil Procedure Section 2032 indicates that the Defense Medical Examination will not be painful, protracted or intrusive.  The RN observer performs the same whether or not the plaintiff attorney’s office produced a Response to Demand for Physical Examination.  Common DME issues that this nurse deals with are attempts to make the event prolonged (protracted) or intrusive--both of which are specifically prohibited by the law and are addressed in routine Response to Demand for Physical Exam stipulations—but again, this RN observer prevents these defense tactics whether or not the plaintiff attorney produces a Response to Demand for Physical Examination.  Don’t send your plaintiff to their Defense Medical Exam without this excellent nurse observer.

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Michael Haiby, RN provides the service of defense medical examination nurse observer to plaintiff attorneys. Plaintiff individuals may ask the attorney's office to make contact for more information on DME nurse observer services-- only an attorney can give legal advice.